Helping Mr. WootAlert with his vacation plans


So, I am looking to take Ms. WootAlert (not married yet :)) on a cruise vacation over her break week in March (she’s enrolled in school PT). There is one cruise out of New York on Norwegian Cruise Line the week of March 12, and the best price I can get on an “oceanview” room is $1512 for the two of us. I am looking for suggestions on how to either:

  1. Find a better price (I’d love to drop 100-200 off that price, or get a balcony room for the 1500 price)


  1. Make some extra money quickly to help defray the cost.

Any suggestions out there from Wootland?

-Russell (Mr. WootAlert)



(Bueller? Bueller?)


Where is the cruise to? An ocean view cabin is a waste of money when you’re at sea (albeit perhaps more romantic.)


Does offer price deals cruises?


Yes, but the prices aren’t any better.


Disagree. On your own balcony with just the water…


That’s what the “albeit” covered!!!


I missed that. But just having a cup of coffee and croissant in the morning is great, too.


i thought the purpose of food on a cruise was to take gluttony to a whole new level…