Hendry Vineyard Cabernet ½ Bottles

Whats wrong with that? All those great anti oxidants are good for you!

If 1.5L bottles can be cellared nearly twice as long as 750ml bottles, does that mean that 375ml bottles shouldn’t be held more than half as long as 750s? IOW, is a 5 yr. old Cab in a 375ml bottle the equivalent of a 8-10 yr. old Cab in a 750ml bottle, in terms of aging?

Hmmmm, this is getting complicated!

I’ve never heard they cellar 2x as long. Just longer. 375s age more quickly for sure, but again, I’m not sure it’s a direct 1/2 correlation.

That’s the first thing I noticed. The deal is in Woot shipping?

I take all ratings with a grain of salt. However, there is an assumed consistency across many reviewers that lets you calibrate to your tastes. I have a general idea about a wine based on a score from WS (same reviewer), RP, WA or WE.

This may be an awesome wine. I don’t know. I haven’t tasted it. I find it too risky for the price based on reviews from WS. CT reviews are harder to calibrate to my tastes.

If I had tasted the Hendry and it was a great wine then this may be a bargain but still I would expect a discount for not pleasing Wine Speculator.

Other people will value the wine lower once they see the WS score. Without other reviews it impacts the market price.