Henoh Electric Scooter 10" Tire 20 Miles Long-Range

Henoh Electric Scooter 10" Tire 20 Miles Long-Range

Henoh who? $700? Or yanno… buy two Xiaomi Mi.

can anyone find any kind of reviews on this thing?

I mean it’s actually kind of disturbing, have you ever seen a product with exactly ONE product review on the entire internet? there’s not one youtube review, there’s not one mention of Henoh in any “best of” websites. There’s no manufacturer website, there’s no online copy of an owners manual.
It’s like this company didn’t exist before yesterday.

22mph on this thing seems kind of terrifying

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It seems to be a generic scooter with all sorts of branding applied to it. Doing image search turns up:
SGLLWHEELS for $1100+
X7 for $750
Alphawise for $460
E Scooter MI
Electric City for £499.00 GBP
Aliexpress for $510

And so on.

Ah, here’s the actual manufacturer:

the one they offered last week had spectacular reviews of a handle-folding mechanism that had a tendency to break off while at speed.

awesome work, thanks!

wow that’s great, thanks.