Henry's Jungle Adventure

This shirt is childish…in such a good way.

Family Circus LOL!!!

very cute

Shirt contains map, treasure and a full share of Apelad charm and attention to detail (could also be listed under treasure.)

Love me some Indiana Jones.


Sorry for the quality, the other scenes I found didn’t have the name part :slight_smile:

Love me some Raiders, that’s an instabuy!

Also, hello zoom feature. Nice to meet you.

These were always my favorite Family Circus comics - so very clever. Great work ApeLad!!


Shouldn’t that vine he’s grabbing be a snake?

Obligatory xkcd

Only thing that could have made this better is a little more Short Round!

If you connect the pathways between this shirt and HIS OTHER ONE, you get AN AMAZING ADVENTURE!!!

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I like where this shirt is going.