Here Be Dragons

Not what I expected to win…

Thank you Wooters!

Also - a shout out and thank you to Oakenspirit, who inspired me to try my hand at Celtic knotwork a couple of weeks ago.

Nice colors and variety of patterns!

Sorry, there’s just way too much going on here.

I like all the different patterns in the design. Gratz on the win.

Bea Arthur would approve.

Love the burnt, molten effect of the colors.

Oh I love this one. I love how well all the Celtic knots are encorporated into the dragon’s design.

Insta buy. I’ll make room in my overstuffed t-shirt drawers somehow…

I’d buy it as a poster too (hopeful hint hint)

Er, at least I want to instabuy. Have the woot sites been affected by that heartbleed openSSL bug? Servers patched yet. It can’t tell so I’m kinda hesitant to put through my password on woot to complete the purchase…

Oh man, I really want this shirt. Unfortunately my principled moral stance on the current state of woot shirt blanks prevents me from buying one. Stupid moral stance. Stupid non-box-shaped body. Stupid sensual preference for soft smooth fabrics caressing my skin…
…I’ll be in my bunk.

Really surprised to see this one win! Congrats!

I wonder if the Dragon Plus sale gave it a boost?

Testing claims they are OK. If you want to try it yourself (you’ll see the same answer):

EDIT: That’s only for woot! See below!

I tested it and got this message. “Site seems Ok! Use Caution, had error [heartbleed: timeout]”

Would love to see this on a sweatshirt, would buy in an instant.

Wendy is right! Woot has several servers, and looking a little closer, the one that logs you in is That one also returns the above message.

Basic meaning is, “We can’t break in, but we’d be happier if we got back the error we should get if it’s been fixed”.

We can’t be 100% sure until one of the Codeslaves tells us. There may be more info elsewhere on woot; maybe someone has more free time than I do.

This seems a little more medieval celtic then renaissance…

Yeah, I used that same test and it gave me an error so that’s why I said I wasn’t sure. I was hoping some techie type from woot itself would chime in to say. I know some sites that I’ve tested return errors because they don’t use SSL at all. Not that that’s very comforting.

A fine looking shirt by any measure.

I hate it when those floppy hatted Renaissance dogs try to hijack our language.