Here's A Toast To The Wootbags

Looks like we’ve got just about every beverage covered here. Want to share your favorite cocktail recipe?

Also, I LOVE my Houdini opener.

I finally scored the Houdini! And I didn’t even have to settle for purple.

Settle? Some of us deliberately choose purple! :slight_smile: (Fine, what color DID you get?)

I bought a few of the Houdini sets to give as gifts for christmas. Ended up using one this week. The opener worked really well. I have a similar $50 one from Brookstone I got as a gift and it worked just about as well. I’m impressed with the quality for the price. With this opener, the foil cutter really isn’t necessary but its an added bonus in the kit.

The aerator is good enough. Worked well, but is made from plastic that seems as if it would break somewhat easily. It does make a cool effect in the glass when you are pouring through it.

It came in a plain box that displays it all nicely. This is a great gift to keep around the house for that person you forgot about. It definitely looks like it cost you a lot more than $9.

Hmph, I was hoping for one of those Breville toaster ovens.

Got one of those myself from Big Daddy Amazon when the large model dipped temporarily from 250 to 192. Hoping it lives up to its rave reviews…now, do I want to buy the Oggi beverage dispenser I’m looking at on homewoot plus…hmmmm

I have this set from a previous woot, and have dropped my aerator many times. No breaks or cracks of any sort (yet). lol

Appears to be sold out now… just some info for anyone considering the purchase in the future.

Cuisinart is a piece of junk. I had two, one of those was a warranty replacement. They last tops about six months. Buy a real wine cooler, they cost more but they last a lot longer. The houdini is another piece of junk.Aerators work great no serious wine drinker should be without one. Make great gifts too.

I was tempted but 30% was not really pulling on me all that strong. Then with your post, I pulled out all together.

Mine is a “Z-tini” from the nearly defunct Z-Tejas restaurant in Bellevue, WA…

In a shaker, over ice:
Two parts golden tequila
One part Cointreau
A splash of lime juice
Shake well
Pour over three green olives in a martini glass with salt


Mine is Sooooooo easy.
Glass + Ice + Sour Mash Whiskey, stir with finger, drink.

Damn work. :confused: I missed the Houdini!

P.S. I have the best android keyboard ever! When I tried to type that on my phone, my word prediction suggested I end the sentence with “B-O-C” and kept replacing “Houdini” with “bag”.

I must type it too often. Call me predictable.