Heritage NFL Banners

Well someone screwed up on the Giants heritage banner for the most recent logo

Regarding the Broncos (and a couple other teams I noticed), shouldn’t the date for the last logo be different from the one above it? Aside from logic, the style seems much more current than the one above it.

This would be a gift, so I’m not up on this team’s graphics.

They are using some strange logic on pulling these logos. The miami one has the original logo, then the 97-2012 alternate logo, then the 97-2012 regular logo, followed by the current.

Why they didn’t pick one of the other logos in order… who knows. It’s also interesting to see the teams that have the historical lineage (Titans, Chiefs) but others that don’t.

The “dancing Bronco” logo that you’re seeing is an alternate logo that was released at the same time as the current Broncos logo. The dates are correct.

That said, it’s an odd choice for this banner, since it’s used so infrequently.

Oh, wow, ok. Yeah, odd they’d use logos from the same time, unless there just haven’t been enough design changes for this team.

Thanks very much for your reply!

Really wishing I had funds right now so I could grab that Chargers one as a gift… I wonder if these’ll be around for awhile.