Hero Goods Hayes Series 'Better Than' Travel Bag (Open Box)

Hero Goods Hayes Series 'Better Than' Travel Bag (Open Box)

A list price of over $400?! A savings of 90 percent?

Oh come on! The most I could find this for was $130.

Travel Bags – Hero Goods Store

Sorry, I was off by $3. Woot should just not bother listing list prices since we all know they are malarkey.

I’ve been fighting that losing battle for YEARS!

But the list price there is $425 so our price is not malarky.

Woots price is a very good deal. Way below other retailers. Just not 90 percent off.

It is 90% off of the List Price (aka MSRP). List price isn’t the price in the marketplace.

I know. Its just not real. 90 percent off a price that a product has never been sold for isnt actually 90 percent off.

If starbucks advertised a latte for 10 bucks and advertised it as 90 percent off because the “list price” was $100 but they never actually sold it for for $100, it would be… Deceptive. I realize that Woot is at the mercy of other sellers who inflate list prices. But as we have both noted, Woot refuses to do away with using list prices as a baseline.