Heroic Elements

Should have used the real element abbreviations.

I can name them all! But won’t!

Once the dust settles from being laid off a few weeks back, this is first on my list of shirts to buy and wear and explain to any and all passing strangers.

Another fun quiz masquerading as a shirt ; )

Absolutely love this design.

okay, accepting this as a challenge (warning:spoilers)

2 - SM Superman, I assume one that’s still alive
(First criticism… Marvel on the left, DC on the right? Considering Supes was like the FIRST superstar superhero, doesn’t he deserve Element 1? With single-letter ‘S’?)
3 - IM IronMan (up from 26 on the regular element charts with a bullet! but not a lead or silver one)
4 - HK Hulk (I’d have gone with IH for Incredible Hulk myself, one of the few whose Stan Lee adjective seemed permanently affixed to his name)
5 - FL Flash
6 - AQ Aquaman (considering H2O which are elements 1 and 8, not a bad deal for him)
7 - WW WonderWoman
8 - BM Batman
9 - RB Robin
…whew… I’ll continue later, or somebody else take over…

10 - FR Nick Fury (not NF? I don’t see anybody else with NF)
11 - TH Thor

15 - KF Kid Flash
16 - SG Supergirl
17 - WG WonderGirl
18 - BG Batgirl
19 - NW Nightwing

20 - HE Hawkeye
21 - BW BlackWidow
22 - WM WarMachine
23 - SP SpiderMan
24 - DD DareDevil (but it kinda looked like DO… d’oh!)
25 - PX ProfessorX
26 - WV Wolverine

27 - CY Cyborg
28 - GA GreenArrow
29 - SY Speedy
30 - GL GreenLantern
31 - JS JohnStewartGreenLantern
32 - GG GuyGardnerGreenLantern (I think)

33 FaLcon
34 Captain Marvel
35 ViSion
36 Scarlet Witch
37 Quick Silver
38 CYclops
39 CoLossus

40 Aqua Lad
41 Beast Boy
42 Wild Cat
43 Martion Manhunter
44 ShaZam
45 HawkMan

46 Luke Cage
47 Star-Lord
48 GaMora
49 Black Panther
50 STorm
51 PHoenix
52 GaMbit

53 Elongated Man
54 StarFire
55 FireStorm
56 Plastic Man
57 Power Girl
58 HawkGirl

59 Dr Strange
60 DraX
61 RocKet raccoon
62 GrooT
63 BeasT
64 ANgel
65 ICeman

66 Black Canary
67 RaVen
68 Black Lightning
69 Blue Beetle
70 Booster Gold
71 StatiC shock (I guess?)

72 DeadPool
73 Ghost Rider
74 VenoM
75 PuNisher
76 MystiQue

77 ZaTanna
78 Black Adam
79 KaTana
80 DeathstoKe
81 DeadshoT
82 Harley Quinn

83 Winter Soldier
84 Moon Knight
85 BLade
86 EleKtra
87 MaGneto

88 the DEmon
89 Swamp Thing
90 ConstanTine
91 SPectre (I think)
92 DeadMan
93 Cat Woman

All of that and it’s still missing the most important super hero of all…

Dw… DarkWing Duck…


If you’re going outside the DC/Marvel-verses, you also need to include…

(and Arthur - AR)

also Hellboy, Judge Dredd, Spawn, Sandman/Dream and the whole Incredibles family…

and Jay Ward’s Superchicken.

and… WAITAMINUTE, you forgot Marvel’s most Marvelous superhero of all! THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL!!!

That’s it, cancel my order.

You guys awesome! I can’t believe it, you named it all… I need a google reference for some of the heroes :smiley:

GM is used twice. Is that allowed? Are there any other duplicates?

My boy would probably love this, but could the artist or somebody provide a decoder for the tougher ones?

DOH! I see one commenter already addressed this question. Sorry, did not see the stream when I submitted.

DOH! I see one commenter already addressed this question. Sorry, did not see the stream when I submitted.

Well researched, but none of the Fantastic Four? No Howard, master of Quak-Fu?

Regardless of who might be ‘missing’ or some of the questionable choices of representing letters, this is one freaking awesome shirt and it shall be mine :slight_smile:

SP was also used twice at 23 and 91.