Hero's Tavern

Hero's Tavern

Before I buy one and embarrass myself in front of my smarter friends, what does the text on this shirt say?

My phone tried very hard to translate the text but I’m not sure how well it did.

The bottom text appears to be “izakaya” which is explained here:

I don’t know what the smaller bits on either side of the bottom say. My phone gets confused when the text is stylized. They might say “cheers” (it flashed briefly on my phone and Google Translate might agree, though I’m not sure.

I couldn’t figure out the top part at all. At one point my phone flashed “wow” but Google Translate completely disagreed with that.

Can anyone else do better? Please? Pretty please?

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Bottom in big text is ‘Izakaya’ as the above user already translated. It is a Japanese style bar.

Top part is ‘Sugoi’, or ‘Wow’, ‘Super’, ‘Fantastic’ which are all suitable given the context.

Characters on either side in yellow box are ‘kanpai’ or ‘Cheers’ as already stated.


Thank you!