HERSHEY'S Dark Chocolate Bars (Pack of 12)

HERSHEY'S Dark Chocolate Bars (Pack of 12)

Oooh, Mr. Amazon fulfillment worker got jokes today. Order three cases of chocolate…but instead I get three individual packages. As is typical, the shipping box is 80 times the size needed for its content…i guess the system knew the correct size box needed for my full order. :slight_smile:

Buyer BEWARE!!! This exact same product is $3.39 online! Do not buy!!!

Compare beefier you buy

I didn’t and took a huge loss :frowning:


Oh the warehouse split your order, better tell CS.

Hi there, if you haven’t already done so please reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Note: Woot! Customer Service replies go to the email address on your Woot! account, not your Amazon login email if used/different.

(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)

The Woot sale is for 12 bags, the sales you’re going on about is only for a single bag.

12 x $3.39 = $40.68

Your “huge loss” saved you like $20.

(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)

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Oh my, the force is strong with the Amazon warehouse workers… sent a message to CS…got a replacement order sent out. Got it today… in a box twice the size of the original…so…it would hold like a dozen cases of chocolate…and again…three individual packages are in the box. At this rate, maybe one day ill get my full order, 3 at a time. Back to the CS contact form i go.


Oh Amazon warehouse peeps:

tv land no GIF by YoungerTV


Lol…the saga continues. Second reply from customer service indicated that the item was now sold out, so they could only refund the order. Fine…whatever i guess.

But then I saw that the chocolate was still available…so…me being stubborn…i ordered three cases again. It arrived today…

Once again…three 3oz packages rather than 3 cases of 12 packages.

Contacted CS again, and now waiting on their reply.

At this point i wonder if it is the same Amazon warehouse peep, or if multiple are making the same error.

I will say, this latest order was in an appropriately sized box for its contents (even though the contents were not right), and had air packs to ?protect? the three small bags of chocolate.


Sorry Amazon can’t keep their mitts off of a multi-pack.


Amazon computer: need big box

Amazon worker: yeah whatever


This is better than daytime TV. Next time they’ll probably send you a kitten to go with the cardboard fort.


Episode IV: A New Hope

It is a period of civil wars in the galaxy. A brave alliance of underground freedom wooters has challenged the tyranny and oppression of the awesome AMAZON EMPIRE.

Striking from a fortress hidden among the billion bags of crap of the galaxy, wooter spaceships have won their first victory in a battle with the powerful Warehouse Starfleet. The EMPIRE fears that another order could bring a thousand more chocoholics into the rebellion, and Imperial control over the chocolate would be lost forever.

To crush the rebellion once and for all, the EMPIRE is constructing a sinister new customer support station. Powerful enough to destroy an entire purchase, its completion spells certain doom for the champions of freedom (and the cases of chocolate).

Todays update…another cancelled order because they cant send a replacement? Interesting…another order shall be placed…cause…you know…the item is still available. Although, now my credit card is starting to look like I am laundering money or something.


I think it’s more like “There’s no use in us sending a replacement because the warehouse near you is staffed by people that can’t keep their hands of multipacks.”


The 10th order should come with a free blood glucose test kit.



Cat, shirts:



I ordered one spool of thread from the mothership.
This is what they sent me.



I need some jeans fixed, do you know why AMZN is out of jeans thread now?


Probably because my mom wants jorts but she won’t ask her sister to hem them and I got “volunteered.” I’d buy her some but all the places she gets her clothes have gone out of business or are barely hanging on.


So…they’re…hanging by a thread?