HERSHEY'S Nuggets Assortment

HERSHEY’S Nuggets Assortment

how did this sell out? the check out light wasn’t even flashing!

The light doesn’t always flash.


I miss the old woot


How about Feb 01, 2001 when the domain was available for purchase?

I got you!


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The best form factor for food is the nugget.


The description says no cold pack for shipping. With this heatwave all anyone will get is a pile of melted chocolate and wrappers

Chicken nuggets :white_check_mark:
Chocolate nuggets :white_check_mark:
Gold nuggets :white_check_mark:
Spaghetti nuggets

I’m not so sure I agree on this one.

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Spaghetti with meat nuggets :white_check_mark:

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What about mashed potatoes with gravy nuggets?

Chunky mashed potatoes are just potato nuggets suspended in a tater puree with gravy.

Are you a taste tester for dog food? Because that sounds like it could be fancy dog food.

how dare you

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It’s a real job!

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Corn nuggets


I can’t think of any other nuggets I’d want to eat.

Water nuggets


I have a recipe for those somewhere.

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They’re hard to make

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