HexBug Nano Bridge Battle Habitat Set

thank god there is still three more days of chankah left.

These are really cool! Did you know that the original models were built from tooth brush vibrators?

Here’s a video of it in action

and a non-commercial video made by a kid.

a vague commentary on color relations?

$39.99 at Amazon plus shipping.


So this is how we train bugs for the Apocalypse.

I have no idea what this thing is, but I know that I want anything with “battle habitat” in it. I hope it comes with hamsters.

TV Commercial

Product Website

Falcons fan. Not amused by the post.

That is all.

I bought this for my son for his birthday. They’re really fun. He has fun building the track, and the bugs are fun to watch. They basically vibrate to move randomly around and the first one to fall off the bridge loses. It’s a big hit with my 5 year old.

Who’s gonna win!?

Seriously, what is the point of this as a toy? It seems that there is no imagination involved here, just bug looking things to buy to run on a bridge.

One step above POGs

Great product at a great price! One question: Are headbands coming back in style for the 8-13 year old demographic?

Seen these suckers at Radioshack. Seem like an interesting idea, though the build quality seems rather chintzy.

OK. I’ve seen these at Target and wondered the point. So, what’s the point? They look so interesting, but yet so boring. I’m on the fence, so tell me what the deal is.

I have one of those little HexBug Nano thingies. My son gave it to me for Christmas last year. They have a bunch of little rubber legs that are angled so when you turn them on and they vibrate, they move. The work great on a desk, finding their way into crevices and then back out again. My guess is that they would move through this pretty easily, and it would make it more fun since you don’t have to catch them before they dive over the edge and hit the floor.


Er, shouldn’t this be in Kids.Woot???

Regardless, I’m getting this for my ZuZu pet to play with…


Actual kid playing with actual HexBug Nano Bridge

This is not actually my actual kid…it’s just an actual YouTube video of an actual kid…