HexBug Nano Bridge Battle Habitat Set

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HexBug Nano Bridge Battle Habitat Set
$17.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I’ll admit I am 12 years old on the inside and that sounds cool.

kids.woot is that way ---->

i’d need the hexbug first!

well… its not uncool looking, i guess

Wait?!? Kids.woot!?!

comes with 2

wow…just wow

And you thought the tv was going to take a long time to sell :stuck_out_tongue:


paging @crowsnest

Got this set for my 6 year old before xmas this year. lots of fun. parts are pretty sturdy.

FANTASTIC! a wootoff on the oen day I decide to stay up super super late. Now I’ll fall asleep midday and miss some serious deals.

My very first wootoff all nighter and this is what I got? Really? Seriously?

You bug me!