Hey Cruzer, we're homeless....




i can’t believe daj got last post! :wah:


Cool! My 3rd! I’m so proud! Thank you! Thank you!


I was trying to answer you and it wouldn’t go thru. No, I’m surely not the hamburglar. Something funny happened today in reference to that though.
Hubby is in a pissy mood now. He was doing his run with security this morning and when they were coming back into the hotel a woman stopped him and asked for an autograph. He said no problem. When she was getting out paper and pen and talking to him he realized she thought he was Patrick Duffy from the “Dallas” show. I think it’s funny. He thinks he doesn’t look old enough to be that guy. I can’t stop laughing at him…she is probably thinking of how he looked on the show not thinking it’s been many, many years and he’d look a lot older now.


who needs a home?

PWA is a non-profit organization





That’s a purdy red x. Can’t see it at work. Sigh.


I went back and looked.
You have third place here’s your trophy.



Big Tournament Winner Trophy




Going out now. See ya all later.

Hope you enjoy cruzers new home today.




I think I have five . . . mebbe six.


Greedy, you are all greedy. You could have waited for me :(. I think I have 2 or 3


I don’t have any and I guess I never will, now. I think it would be bad to give myself last post in a thread. (could you imagine the uproar?!?)


I wouldn’t complain.
We haven’t have a good uproar in awhile.


Yeah . . . been a couple weeks, hasn’t it!?!


Last post uproar…oh, that was you too!


Was it? I don’t recall.