Hey Dude Shoes

Please ask your buyer - are the Volterra shoes made in sweatshops full of sparkly vampires?

I kind of liked the look so I googled…

Overstock has em for 56.99 w/ free shipping PLUS one awful review!


I definitely need to try on shoes before I buy them, so does anyone know if these can be found in a regular store?

Although I don’t usually buy shoes online because of fit problems, I don’t think I could possibly take that “one awful review” into consideration. First, it seems that they didn’t like the color saying “expected blue / received off white” which I found irrational as there wasn’t a blue color listed for this shoe. In fact, there were only a couple of blue shoes shown in all of the Hey Dude listings on The “O” and they were navy blue. Perhaps they should calibrate the color on their monitor. They then rated every category a “1” (out of 5) with very little or no explanation why. It also appears that they didn’t seek any sort of resolution with The “O” for their perceived impasse. All of this provides me with what I consider to be plausible grounds to doubt the overall veracity of the review. JMHO.

I have several pairs of Hey Dude shoes and they are very comfortable and run pretty true to size. You can however get at least the E-Last direct from their website with free shipping for $35.00. I haven’t checked any of the others on here.


Plus no sales tax to Texas? woot!

Cheaper here with FREE SHIPPING…at the heydude factory site…come on WOOT you can do better…$39.00…plus shipping cost…no brainer


the deal on their homepage appears to be no longer active

just received the two pair i bought… they look nothing like the pictures. really disappointed.

Oh man, if you think you got the wrong ones, please contact CS to see what options are available. Sorry for the disappointment.