Hey guys why is the woot delivery so slow?

Hey guys,

Why is the woot delivery so slow. I ordered Microsoft headphones
And they are yet to arrive. The same headphones were approximately $30 more with Amazon prime (2 days shipping). Is it worth the wait?

Order #689xxxx

Order Date: Mar 4, 2021

Order Status: Shipped

Hard to determine worth to others. Sometimes for me waiting a little extra time, to save money, is preferable however there are times where speed is required and I will spend more money to make it happen.

I must be close to the warehouses because all my woots have been delivered within a week. They’re faster then Amazon .

The status says it’s shipped, according to what you pasted above. Have you tracked it? Is it still moving or is it stuck? You might call whichever carrier it’s going through to see if you can get more information.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

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I second @peaceetc

If it was shipped, you should have a tracking number and be able to see where it is on the map or at least en route. Some stuff gets sent from a Woot or Amazon warehouse and some stuff is sent directly from the Vendor. (Occasionally I’ll even see a “fulfilled by Amazon” symbol on some items.)

For items that seem to be stuck in the “preparing for shipment” phase, reach out to customer service. Account → support → where’s my stuff.