Hey look! We spiffed up our site!

on another note, that update i got with a change log containing “Behind the scenes updates” for the woot iOS app better fix that back button

Which back button and what is it doing? I just updated and on a quick test, didn’t see a problem although we’ve never been very graceful with back buttons.

Steps to reproduce are especially helpful.

iOS version
App version

oh it’s when there is a push with a new event.
when i click it then go to a category, i go back to try to access all of the categories in the event but it brings me back to the woot homepage.
iOS: 14.0 Public Beta 6
update version: v286
device: iPhone SE gen 2

Yeah, that’s probably where we get sloppy. I’ll send it off to the devs though.

Q: Did it happen before this update?

yes and it still happens when i go to event pages

As a privacy/security professional, I mostly get it.
As a person who has been wooting since before Amazon enslaved the monkeys, I am sad and broken. 2020 is winning.


My site view reverted to the old style view.

We hardly knew ye…


Huh. We haven’t changed anything that I know of. But then again, they forget to tell me things. Did you log in with woot vs Amazon or something perhaps?


At the changeover tonight, the new site layout finally returned.


Yeah, we’re dialed up to 10% again to do some testing.

Lucky you.