Hey Ma', Where's The Protein?

I have a hard time buying protein powder when I can get Muscle Milk protein powder from Costco for ~$8/lb (cheaper if its on sale) or the Body Fortress protein powder at Walmart for ~$7.50/lb.

Always check the grams of protein per grams of serving so you know how much is protein and how much is filler.

I order this same protein powder using subscribe and save on amazon. It has free shipping and is a couple bucks cheaper than here.

so the protein bars are 96 grams. I hate math but when I add up the amounts on the label of just the items shown in grams I get over 127 grams. Is this new math or some sort of witch craft?

Muscle Milk usually has tons of sugar. I would recommend Gold Standard over that and whatever woot has listed.

For your health…

Typo in Force Factor Pre Workout directions, can you see it?:


Workout days: Take 2-4 capsules 30 minutes before lunch and 2-4 capsules 30 minutes befor working out.

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You can get the phase8 protein at bodybuilding.com cheaper

2lbs buy one get one free - 4lbs for $30($7.50/lb) - can also choose more flavors

Here you get 4.6lbs for $40 ($8.70/lb)

Pretty sure the Muscle Milk at Costco has 1 gram of sugar per serving. Not exactly tons…

Has anyone used this? Is it any good?

But is does contain toxic heavy metals and cadmium. (Unless they have changed since 2010.


Great title! Love “My New Haircut” on teh youtubes :3

The syntha-6 protein mixes well, tastes good and I feel is one of the better of its category. Worth a shot considering the price is exactly the same where I buy ALL my stuff cheap.

That report has been debunked for quite a while not to mention that the testing facility they used is owned by consumer reports

Wow Woot! - do you have Google? Not even a deal on the Syntha-6. $46 at both Vitacost and BB.com - and you can’t throw a stone without hitting 10/12/15% off coupons for either site.

Please try harder or stop trying - or just redirect your URLs to Amazon and get it over with already…

ALSO, on here - the description lists 22 servings, but the picture of the container says 50 ?? (phase 8)

From what little bit I looked. (gnc, bb, nutraplanet) There are 3 deals here, Battle Fuel, Compound 20, and the Fat Burner. The Supreme Protein bars aren’t a bad price either, especially when you consider that most people buy them at their local gas station/grocery store for over double the price woot has them for.

Both MusclePharm and USPLabs have quality products, but I haven’t ever tried these particular ones. I’m always hesitant to buy supplements off of Woot, or any overstock place for that matter. Seems like old recipes, and old batches of stuff would end up there.

The protein business is weird though, a large majority of companies order their protein through 1 outlet, and then add their “proprietary” additives and flavors. Thing is, you can order your protein from this same outlet, and eliminate the middle man. Google “True Nutrition” and build your own higher quality protein, or a cheaper if that’s the avenue you want to go.

I have my bag’o’MM from Costco here at my desk. It’s got 16g protein and 2g sugar (9g carbs overall) per scoop.

This is the 4.6 lb. container, so there are 50 servings.

And your scoop is 35g, so you’re getting less than half the scoop for protein. So you’re having to scoop twice, where a higher quality protein, with less additives won’t. I’m not bashing on MM, but if you’re taking MM for protein, there are much better options out there, options where you’re not being duped by a seemingly low price.