Hey Wine Experts! Any Wine Related Gift Suggestions for a colonist?

Hey there,
So, my boyfriend is a big wine lover and I am clueless on the topic. He is graduating this December and Christmas is just around the corner! He already works at a wine shop, so specific wine wouldn’t be an option, especially since I don’t know much about his specific preference besides the fact he likes reds.

Thus far I got him a wine bible, some cheap wine card game off woot… Have any other brilliant ideas? What kind of gizmos would a wine lover want? Wine rack suggestions? Product preferences? Anything? He likes to collect corks, drink reds, 22 years old, graduating soon, very knowledgeable about wine. I would appreciate any help or direction you could give me.


For red wine drinkers, I suggest this gadget. It makes a 2 buck chuck taste like 10 buck chuck ;]

I don’t have any answers but you might get a few more ideas of on the Wine side in World of Woot Wine.