Hey You!

This is comedic gold. :smiley:

Probably my favorite St. Pats tee of ALL TIME. Nice job SG.

Congrats spiritgreen! Loved this one as soon as I saw it and was happy to it rise into the fog and to a second place win. Clever idea and a great execution. Well deserved. :slight_smile:

I wonder how many people won’t get this, because they don’t know what Au is.

The title works much better in a British accent. :slight_smile: 'grats Spiritgreen! Fun design.

Well done SG. Smart and lucky. :slight_smile:

Hey thanks so much for the nice comments.

The hole it makes in the periodic table is so perfectly placed, it’s like the gold was asking to be stolen. :^)

Love this design! So glad to see it printed!! Congrats spiritgreen!!

I’d buy it if classic fit was available in XL

Trying our best to get this re-stocked as quickly as possible!

I’m in the same boat, I keep coming back to check. You know that beer and Corned Beef sandwiches make you XL right Woot!?

sickeningly clever!

Still out of stock on the most popular sizes.