Hey, you!...







“Violence, anger, low self-esteem, and manipulation - all elements of just another day in the woot forums.”


Get offa my cloud!


Hey!(Hey!) You!(You!) Get into my car!


Dr. J! Good to read you. How’s Florida? How are the chads hanging?


stupidly. All over the news here, people are annoyed at the National Democratic party for not letting their delegates count, despite being told well before the primary, and repeatedly, that they wouldn’t count if the state refused to follow the rules that had previosuly been agreed to and set up.



Kind of cool today, but we’re hoping for beach weather tomorrow.

Our 3 yr old calls every house he sees with porch posts or pillars, “parthenon”
“It’s a parthenon!” “Parthenon, daddy”

Apparently the Wonder Pets saved a caterpillar at the parthenon one day, and he’s seen it repeatedly, so he recognizes the Parthenon when he sees anyhting with pillars.

Haven’t seen any gators yet, though I look in all the canals.


Once when I was visiting my mom and stepdad who lived in Florida at the time, I ate alligator balls!


…teacher! Leave those kids alone!


Yep, sounds like VP Crist’s evil plan is working brilliantly.

Hey, joe, why don’t you drive over to the West Coast and we can visit McGuffy at his retention pond.


Any one of which can get a 10 hour probation!


Bring the kid to Greece.
Kids travel the world now.



Oh! A misfit reunion! Pictures! We need pictures!


Hold up, I can be put on probation for having a crappy self-esteem? That doesn’t make me feel any better about myself, I can tell you that much!


I have a silly question. I’ve never been on probation and I was curious…how do you know when you are? Do you not know until you try to post, do you get an e-mail, does it say it on the screen somewhere when you’re logged in, etc?


I hear they taste like chicken balls!


We’re going to be close to him on Friday- I just don’ know exactly where- my sister lives in Tampa, but moved. We’re visiting her. He lives around Clearwater.

It’s only a 10hr drive from Mobile…


Plus only 10 hours when the normal is way more.
You aren’t even good enough for a real probation.


Dog next to your name.
If you don’t show up on woot, you wouldn’t know.
You can enter contests, and buy. Just can’t post.