Heys Luggage

Anyone tried these out before? How well do they hold up to overeager baggage handlers?

Does anyone know if these 21" spinners have a zipper to expand the case?

I would like to know this as well. I’ve seen a few on my trips to China treat my luggage like it was a hot potato… -_-

Whom to ask re guarantee?? Also, is the luggage heavy?

The warranty for each is at the bottom of the features tab on each sale page.

Looks like some of them list the weight but not all. Unfortunately, that’s all the information we were given from the vendor.

Heys is known for being on the lighter side.
This link may be of help: http://www.carryonsluggage.com/heys-carry-on-luggage-model-line-guide/

This site here lists capacity and weight for the domino sets:


Great price on these and I love Heys, but no side handles would make the larger cases very hard to load in a car.

I’m so very tempted, because I’ve needed to buy luggage for some time now…but I’m not sure I can overcome my distrust of anyone and everyone enough to buy luggage that doesn’t have a lock on it.

That page has this text: “XCase Spinners are incredibly lightweight and resilient from starches.

Resilient from starches? What does the even mean? They’re good for hauling potatoes?

As a former frequent flyer, I’ve seen and known many people using spinners and can tell you they are a horrible design.

If you check your luggage, a wheel will inevitably snap off during loading. It’s easy for another bag to land on a wheel and snap it off.

Also, the overhead sized cases don’t always account for the wheels. When it comes time to close the bin, you find out they won’t fit and great aunt Gertrude’s ashes ride below.

After talking with flight attendants, bag handlers and bellhops, spinners just aren’t worth it. Pick up a nice Delsey with rollerblade-style wheels.

I was a luggage handler when spinners first hit the market. They roll so easily, they tend to spin right out of the tractor cars and onto the tarmac! Luggage handlers have probably gotten better at identifying them and loading them securely by now, but I haven’t been able to convince myself the ease while I am moving it is worth the risk of it flying across the tarmac.

Funny you should mention that. My husband sat in his airplane seat idly watching the luggage loading below when - in absolute horror - he saw HIS suitcase slide off the conveyer, drop ten feet, and pop open. He also observed the handlers stuffing his stuff back in the case and tying it shut with a couple of pieces of rope. Needless to add, his first stop upon arrival at the hotel was finding a new suitcase. And, boy, was he fried. :smiley:

ROFL! I have this vision of a slow motion shot of the suitcase opening, and boxers and socks flying everywhere, and baggage handlers chasing after them.

And… On the starches… I saw that too! I was thinking that must be for the people that douse their clothing in starch to give it that crisp “paper-doll” look. :stuck_out_tongue:

To whomever asked if these are light - they are like feathers. My wife has a set of the three, slightly different design style, and they are like holding up a book with one hand.

Since you guys take a beating on price on these side deals. I wanted to give you kudos & point out you are cheaper on the Travel Concepts T238 Domino 3 Piece Hardsided Spinners than even other deal a day sites: http://www.luggageonline.com/travel-concepts-luggage-and-accessories-domino-spinner-hardside-3-piece-set-904 :slight_smile:

Anyone gotten notice of shipment yet?

It should be shipping soon if not already. Feel free to email service@woot.com for an update though.

no shipping yet i checked the heys site and they said they ship in 1 to 3 days so i dont know what the hold up is…of course a week to you and me is only a few days to the powers that be…lol…funny how most stores are open 7 days a week yet they call a business day still 5 days a week…lol