I suddenly have an urge to eat a Baby Ruth…

creepiest shirt ever

What’s really creepy about this is I have the same shoes as this thing.

Wow, Chewbacca really let himself go.

I was sure “quick” to buy this very strange but entertaining shirt.

P.S. I know it’s not Chewbacca.

Gotta love a Goonies reference.

I think we’re confusing definitions of ‘slow’ here, aren’t we?

I love me some Goonies, but not another yellow shirt.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of Goonies?



Long live SLOTH!!

See “Sloth” under John Matuszak:

Just in time for the Goonies on Blu Ray… Which comes out in a few months. I think with free shipping, it’ll ship just in time.


What’s this I don’t even…

The randomness of this intrigues and confuses me.

Edit: Ohhhh now I get it.

i don’t get it. is that a sloth?

lol, I do wish one eye was bigger than the other at least!

I hate to point this out, but that sword is going to be of little use to the sloth. He just moves to slow :frowning:

I guess you could say he missed the ship because

::puts on sunglasses::

he was a little slow getting back.


I thought the big guy’s name was Chunk? Was it Sloth?

I will now subject myself to 40 lashes for betraying my adoration of everything 80’s. My aging brain, it forsakes me!!!


This is one of the strangest woot shirts in a long time.