Chunk was the fat kid, did the truffle shuffle? At least you got the reference, judging from the responses from alot of the kids it goes totally over their heads, hehe

Go to bed you damn kids!!!

The fat kid’s name was Chunk.

Wow. Ice Age is really stretching its historical fiction premises.


That mug isn’t right. The only thing that scares me about this shirt is the (creepy) happy and friendly face on this thing. I’m having a daremare!
You would think a pirate would be mean muggin! Why so pleasant!

baaaaaaaaby wruuuuuuuuth!

Too bad it wasn’t a week earlier, we just celebrated the 25th anniversary out here in Oregon about 8 days ago.

I think you may have this all wrong.

I detect a tribute to Dante’s Inferno… the seven deadly sins: Sloth, Wrath, Greed, Vainglory (tell me he doesn’t think a lot of himself), Lust (again, look at those eyes), Pride, Despair (see skull).

I suspect a conspiracy, be careful where thy tread Wooters!

if you don’t instantly get this shirt, you shouldn’t be allowed to buy it.

Get off my lawn, stupid kids.

When I get this shirt, I will go to Jeff Cohen’s law firm, and ask him to take a picture with the shirt. I will of course call it:

“Sloth and Chunk.”

Overnight that puppy and get ready to truffleshuffle with him at the lawfirm.

Anyone else think it’s odd the first sucker’s name is Goon360?

Conspiracies, how do they work?

You are correct. I feel so lost now -wanders through the valley of forgetfulness- The Goonies is still one of my absolute favorites. It makes me cry though, so I can’t watch it very often.

Did anyone ever play the NES Goonies game? Wow. I have vague memories full of dislike for that one…

"It’s an it!.. A Giant it! And when it came into the light it was all gross and distorted!

You know that feeling you get when you find exactly the right Woot shirt and you are literally scrambling to click that I Want One button as fast as you possibly can?? This shirt is the polar opposite of that feeling. This shirt gives me the Heebie Jeebies (and I’m not talking about the 70’s acid inspired children’s television show)

Maybe if we all wear this shirt it’ll show those darn studios we all want this cartoon, or a movie, or SOMETHING!

Title says it all…

I don’t understand the picture though…

While I get the reference, I’m not sure I or others would have without the title already there.

I should buy this shirt with some of my 50 dollar bills.

FINALLY! someone gets my “ART”.

The last three dailies have been puns = FAIL!