HGST Deskstar 4TB 3.5" SATA Drive

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Last time I ordered 3 Factory Reconditioned hard drives, none of them were Factory Reconditioned, all of them were used according to the SMART test, very little on/off count but 3+ years of power on time. Woot replaced them, the replacements were even worse than the ones I first received.

i’ve ordered Factory Reconditioned hard drives before, from Newegg, SMART test showed 2 on/off count and 0 power on hours.

The hard drives woot sells will work, that’s if they learn to properly pack them (usually ship with no padding or protection of any kind), but there not Factory Reconditioned their Used

These will be factory reconditioned. If you think that they’re not, please email into our support team! We’d be happy to figure out what’s happening. On these in particular (I don’t myself know which ones you ordered), you’d also have a 6 month warranty with Western Digital which you can read more about here.

You can buy new 5TB Toshiba drives with a 3-year warranty for for $145.

$130 for the 4TB refurbished drive and a 6 month warranty seems kinda high to me.

Exactly right.

I wholeheartedly agree with the above. I ordered 3 “Factory Reconditioned” drives from Woot the last go around. These were used pulled drives and not reconditioned in extremely poor condition. Woot also provides the worst packing imaginable for hard drives. All 3 drives were shipped in a thin cardboard foldover envelope, much like you would ship a thin book in.

Woot also took nearly 2 weeks to ship these orders, and when received they rattled like tin cans due to lack of packaging.

All 3 drives were DOA. A month later and I’m still waiting for refund.

Run! And run away fast from ever buying refurbished hard drives from woot. Your data and sanity are worth more than the minimal savings you’ll get from Woot on these deals.