Hi Pile Luxury Oversized Throw

These are wonderful BUT I only paid $14.99 for the horses last April. Just sayin’

HMMMM… Thanks for the heads up. At 14.99 I would buy two or three…

Thanks, I too would buy several at the $14 price. I thought they were on Garage Sale this summer for $4.99 but were sold out by the time I saw them. Any one know how they hold up or if they stay soft after multi washings?

Garage sale was getting rid of the last of that inventory.

We’ve purchased new inventory now so it’s likely the price went up. Plus, we’re not clearing them out, yet. :slight_smile:

Do these have a similar texture to the mink blankets one might find in Korea?

WOOT is apparently a rip off piece of shit site that provides no, 0, customer service, anyone who works for WOOT should be so ashamed of themselves that they should hide their ugly heads in a hole like the fabled ostrich.

I’m sorry that something has upset you. If you want to private message me with some details, I’ll get in touch with CS for you.

They’re good about answering so make sure you check your spam folders. Also, check the email address on your account and make sure it’s correct. Replies will usually go to that email address.

FYI the tiger blanket I bought in the 14.99 round was plush, but also oddly scratchy. NOT like the Asian blankets.

Thanks! I’ve got a few blankets coming. Sincerly hoping they are not the scratchy kind.