Hi-Speed 5 Port USB Hub

not for me!

Wasn’t something like this up already…by Micro?

Hubba Hubba

That’s a really good price if you don’t own nearly every USB toy and gadget that w00t’s ever sold. I had to buy a 10-port last fall, and it’s already full.

hah indeed. but if you had waited, now you can get one more port!

Grabbed a few, What the heck. I hate running out of USB ports

This is really a 4 port hub with the 5th one being a power port.

need more remotessssss

You can never have too many USB ports!

To run all those wootoff lights!

This is perfect to plug in several sets of woot lights without affecting my PC! No need to connect it to the PC, just use the power adapter.

pheh…This is so 6 hours ago.

hurry and snatch this dribble up, i want something i dont already have a bajillion of

Red with fish… white with… Heyyyyyy! ICWUDT!

Will this work with my mac? Seems like it should, but didn’t specifically say in the description.

Does this work with a Corona computer?

Anyone know why my computer would suddenly stop supporting USB 2.0 speeds? Will this help?

In for two. I need to add more USB bling to my PC!

Did my part…in for 3. Now it’s up to someone else to do the same when we get a $500 knife set. :slight_smile:

In for 3.

One of these is perfect for hooking up my 4xUSB 2.0 powered wireless gamepads to my media center.

Powered USB hubs normally run around $20. Already paid shipping, so two more for a pittance? Sure, why not.