Hi-Tec Trail Runners for $19.99

Just received but these shoes run small! Wanted for general walking on the trails but The size 12 has my toes touching the end… Not technically defective but all my other shoes (size 12) fit…so will work on return

If you treasure your feet I know an Italian brand specifically for mountain running…

I ordered a size 9 and they did not fit. Woot would not allow a return. Iwas told to sell the shoes on ebay. Funny when I buy from Columbia Sebago Sperry a size 9 fits always. Sad when a company does not fully disclose that sizing is off AND EXPECTS THE CUSTOMER TO EAT IT!

I received a pair in size 10.5 from the last woot on these. Put em’ on and thought they were a bit tight, with toes touching the end.

Wore them for the day anyway, and after wearing them for 8 hours, they loosened up and fit great!

As comfortable as my old, beat up New Balances I use for yard work. Definitely worth it for $20.

Mine fit small, and I normally never order a larger size up. They do stretch a little, however, the rubber soles stated falling off! I’ve worn them less than a day! I’ve wanted to try this brand for years. Ugh. Maybe their boots are better quality. These are not worth the money. Trust me.

Ordered the size 13, they fit my roommate who wears an 11. These run really small.

I’m sorry, but for 19.99 plus S&H, buyers shouldn’t expect more performance than what they pay for. Hi Techs are not garbage, but they are not up to the rigors of heavy trail running or long extensive hikes.

If you want high quality trail running shoes, I’d go with Solomon. I’ve been buying them for years and have never let me down.

Make sure you order a size bigger then you normally wear. I bought a pair of these for my husband in a size 13 and the were too small. Needed to be 14s.

is the toe especially narrow? or a normal width? it looks narrow from the photo. thanks

The toe is not narrow. There is ample width in the shoe. I bought these on the last Woot and agree with most all others. It is short for the size listed. Standing on a Brannock device, My big toe reaches 10.5. I always buy a size 11. With these shoes my toe just reaches the tip of the shoe which in my book, makes this size 11 actually a 10.5.

For $20 they are worth the money for casual use. That’s what I bought them for. Can’t say about trail running.

I wear a 10 or 11 in Women’s sizes. Last month, I ordered a 9.5 since I read that they ran small (about 11.5 equivalent). They are still too small, and I do think the toe area is kinda narrow. I’d get them again, but I still have no idea how they’ll really fit! I might end up being stuck with another pair to sell.

I ordered a half size larger than my foot size and they are not especially small, the problem is the way the shoe is molded. They curl up at the toes more than usual which causes your toes to hit like they are small. They are actually true to size in my case but even with use my big toe will feel squeezed in. I feel they are worth the $20.

The same thing happened to me. I was really disappointed in WOOT customer service, which is a misnomer. Sell them on eBay?? Really? I feel I was ripped off!

Woot’s goal is to get rid of merchandise, so if you buy something bad you are stuck with it. It worked great when there were good deals but when you start to pay a little more, you want some sort of an assurance in the product. Sometimes you can go to the actual manufacturer but most cases you eat it. Welcome to the outlet part of Amazon.

I ordered all 3 colors. I ordered a half size up any they all fit GREAT and Feel Great for Running! Not bad 3 pair for 64.97.

I normally do not buy shoes online due to sizing issue BUT i made this exception and i have the EXACT same issue…Toes touching the end.
Not cost effective to send them back so i hope your idea works for me as well…other than that? i like them