Hi-Tec Trail Runners for $19.99

Of course, I should have stayed up 'till 10pm… the size 12s sold out FIRST… OOoof.

Would having men’s size 15 wide kill you guys? I would love to buy some of the shoes and boots on there but they are never in my size.

I bought these 2 sales ago, which is about 1 month of use and they are coming apart, the upper is detaching from the sole. So as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Oh man, that stinks. If you haven’t yet, please send your order details and situation to support@woot.com; CS can review your available options. Let us know how things go!

Bought size 9 last time…Definitely run small toes hit & they are wide…Not worth sending back.
So if you have wide feet get the next half size up.

I’ll second that. I’m a 10.5W, and the 11s I bought last sale fit very nicely.

Bought these last time, size 13. Mixed results. It is a highly cushioned shoe - I like that. But the left shoe fit perfectly, and the right shoe was certainly a little smaller. I wore them anyhow, and the right shoe stretched or striaghtened so that it no longer feels tight. I go about 2.5 miles each time and they are great. Durable so far, no issues with build quality. A good $25 gamble.

Has anyone gotten a shipment from this sale? I got an email saying mine shipped on the 28th, with a tracking number via USPS, tracking data still not found on the USPS side 6 days later (3 Sep).

With the holiday weekend thrown in the mix, it might be a few extra days. Sorry for the delay.

Wow wore them maybe 10 times and at Day 119 they are already coming unglued. No more Woot shoes for me; if they store bought they would be going back for sure!!! Beware the Woot Footwear!!!