sorry guys just testing stuff



Did it work?


blah… no… im trying to figure out how to use a tag to create a link or hypertext in the forums but i cant figure out what im doing…


If the address is in your browser addy bar, copy and paste it into the forum where you want it to appear. Put [u.r.l.] ahead of it and [/u.r.l.] behind it. Leaving out the periods, of course.

Edit: Preview it to see if it works.


well see how ive put that code in my first message trying to use hotmail for an example, what am i doing wrong? thats the code thats allll over the internet to use…


yeah, well, Woot is different, lol. try what I suggested in my edit above, k?


click reply to see the coding.


that seems to work. but like the yahoo one that doesnt work above but does link to something, i want to be able to type one word like click “here” and when you click the word “here” it could take you to any site i link it to.


Hmm. that’s beyond my limited knowledge.
Zea, do you know?
And what are you doing up so late?


thanks zea :slight_smile: the first way you showed was what i was talking about!


Everything But Woot comes through again!!


Your welcome, glad to be of service!


Fell asleep early and woke up a little while ago. Getting sleepy again so I probably won’t be up long. No one seems to be loving this DVD thingy.


yeah, they put the dogs out in the middle of the night.
seems like they should reward those of us who are still here with some loot!!


Just a reminder, if you’re new or just a little rusty


(like I was, recently), you can always open a new post window and to the left of where you would type your post, there is the ever-present, to the point it becomes easily over-looked, link to the **Formatting Guide.**

The link takes you to a Guide to BBCode, a list of common questions re: how to tag/format, followed by simple instructions and examples of how the tags will make your post look.
{A few options, like size, colour & font have been disabled.}


leaving out the periods
which will show up as

click reply to see it