HiBoost 4K LCD Cell Phone Signal Booster

HiBoost 4K LCD Cell Phone Signal Booster

we purchased this item recently on woot. we live in a very rural area with a weak cell signal. before purchase we would often have to step outside of the house to place a call. once installed that has not been a problem. We went up about one and one half bars. If you search youtube you can find installation of some hiboost signal boosters to give you an idea of what is involved. Both the internal and external antennae blend well with our home.


Will this work on Sprint’s network?

Did you read the description?

I did I’m just not sure what type of network sprint is. No idea if it’s cdma or what frequency it’s on.

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If you are a Sprint customer, you may be able to get one of their ‘Magic Box’ products for free use while you remain a customer:


This is a box designed specifically for their network and gave me minimum 3 bars throughout the home, whereas before I barely had 1 bar in most places.

I am cell phone technology ignorant and a Sprint user that continues to have VOICE issues inside of my house.

Question is; does a unit like this boost the VOICE signal or is it just the LTE data signal?

The ‘magic box’ commented above is only to boost LTE data signal. it clearly states “Doesn’t improve voice service or Wi-Fi performance”

The second bullet says:

  • Boosts talk, text, & data

Is that what you mean?

Does any cell phone company not provide you with something like this for free if needed?

I used to have Verizon Wireless and we got very poor reception in my neighborhood. I called them and they wanted to put some sort of box like this in my house. I declined their offer because I didn’t care to pay for the electricity and essentially let Verizon improve their network for their benefit on my dime. But they certainly wouldn’t have charged me for the device.

And of course nowadays, you can get phones with wi-fi calling anyway. I never even care about the wireless coverage if I’m at work or home because I’m on the wi-fi.

I am a dealer for HiBoost and this is a very capable little cell phone booster for a small area. As with any passive booster, installation and setup are everything, as it is basically just amplifying the received signal. In fact, I would guess most of the bad reviews you see online are due to improper setup. Without a good donor signal you will just not get good results. The newer model with the SmartLink are a little easier to setup due to the real time information you receive from the app. Other than that, this booster is identical and can provide good results with some patience.


4K LCD? Is this a TV or something?

Yes, thank you.

Verizon has a box they gave me for free to boost my signal. The problem is I have to plug it into my internet at home. It doesn’t actually capture the signal from the cell tower as this product appears to. The other problem with my box from Verizon is although it increased the bars of signal on my phone, It often it blocked my internet usage on the phone until I manually reset it. I got tired of dealing with it and unplugged it.

The Verizon rep I spoke with said that they used to have one similar to this one offered for sale today, but it only amplified the 3G signal and their newer box needs high speed internet at your home in order to boost LTE. This product appears to capture the actual signal from the cell tower without needing your internet

Impressive all in one unit. 10 years ago I had to have separate units for each of the major carriers.

I used to have a booster when I was on AT&T.

One thing that people need to understand is that these boosters cannot make the signal any stronger than what its antenna picks up. You can’t make something out of nothing.

IOW, if you get 2 bars in the attic and that’s where you place the antenna, and usually 1 or none in the house, you’ll get two bars now in the house , not 5. I use to read scathing reviews from people that seemed to think these boosters were their own personal cell antenna expecting 5 full bars.

Real world example. At our camp in Maine the signal is weak and it drifts (I swear the thing is on a rotating directional tower, lol). Inside we would get no signal at all most of the time.

I placed the antenna outside just under the peak of the second floor where we got the best reception.

Inside the signal now mimicked outdoors: still weak, but we now didn’t need to step out back with the hawk sized mosquitoes and stand “just this way”. It still drifted like the tower was spinning of course.

TLDR: have realistic expectations. Boosters will only give you inside what the best signal its antenna can pick up, but they do it well.

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When I was a Boy Scout leader, our camp used to get basically zero signal unless you walked out to the front of it closer to the street. Then a hurricane came through and knocked down a whole bunch of trees. All of a sudden, we started getting great cell signals.


Signal boosting: Russia edition.


Which model is this really for? The model number is of the HiBoost 4K LCD, but the images are from the HiBoost 4K Smart Link (F10G-5S-BTW). Also not entirely sure what the different is, other than price and the Smart Link antenna looks more directional?

Thanks for the question. We are selling the 4k LCD. We’ll be updating the photos in a bit. The features are correct.

Not cool, the pics and antenna description stated it was the other type of directional antenna, so what I ordered was completely different from this morning.