Hidden Gems

I’d never seen that Spaghetti design or the Land of Lost Socks before. Super cool.

… I assume these would ship on April 23rd, not August…

“Shipping Information!
Ships out on August, 23rd, a day hidden between the 22nd and 24th.”

Knowing Shirt.Woot, they probably do mean August.


I’m checking, but I’m pretty sure we mean April :stuck_out_tongue:

Wild Anatomy is one I haven’t noticed before. I have The Land of Lost Socks … somewhere. I may just look for and put it into wear rotation … for July? As many shirts as I have, there are some designs that I just wear a lot more often, like today’s turtle-y shirt by @ochopika; it’s been worn at least 30 times in the past year.

Does the grilled cheese hoodie have the whole design on the front? Nothing at all on the back? I don’t think I’ve seen one like that before.

Daniel Sans hurts my head. It’s good, but I also hate it. Mission accomplished.

I’m sorry, but why are the Navy Seals all sea lions?

I would totally buy Wild Anatomy on a jersey zip (or better yet a lightweight).

I would love to get that grilled cheese one on an apron.

Land of Lost Socks needs to be printed on a laundry bag… just sayin’!