Hidden Message Day

http://www.shirtsonsale.info-a.googlepages.com/missedsale_sadrat.gif*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race.
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Meh… Dunno if want. Too much trouble to spell it out. However, cute concept and Congrats!

Says “I do not like you”

Also, either Jack or TGentry got totally robbed.

I do not like you either.

condition: Encrypted
product(s): 1 Brown Woot Tee (4474)

Good work on #2.

I do not like you, nor do I like this shirt. Pass

And I dont like you either…

Nice concept… I got one.

Not So Hidden Message Day

haha grats, I bet this one sells REALLY fast, because after 3 versions that all shot up to the top… you know some people out there wanted it :smiley:

Edit: I guess votes != purchases


In for one!

Another really cool concept. Execution is just lacking a little on the design side.

hedgehog fat sun? what does that even mean

hedge hog fat sun?


reminds me of the Cantina scene.

Person you greet thinking…“wow he doesn’t seem to like me”…subliminally…

Great shirt if you want people staring at your chest for hours figuring it out.

Then again…if some dude was staring at my chest for an extended period of time…I think the shirt would hold true.