Hidden Message Day

This is a good point, since you can clearly read the text at the top without folding.

Hedgehog fat sun?

Would have been reasonably decent if MAD Magazine hadn’t been doing it far, far better for years. Pass.

They had it up for the “coupons” shirt, too. It’s either some sort of coupon code, or some sort of way for woot to note that they think the shirt is lame.

my sentiments exactly

Quite surprised that it gained that many votes that quickly. Nice idea in principle, but would I wear it? No. Pass.

Yeah, I want to know what’s up with hedgehogfatsun. Disappointed that it wasn’t some super secret code that made this free.

It’s all of the bold letters in the description.

I think i would buy this shirt if it didn’t say “hidden message day” on it.
Just the surprise inside…

woot!!! woot!!!


Boy RobGlenn- You fought for this derby placement. Congratulations!

Yeah, I liked that one too :frowning:

love the idea hate the shirt

Really? I mean, Really? they didn’t have a better design sitting in a heap on the floor in the corner of the warehouse? This shirt sucks. Hey Woot, figure out what i’m trying to say here, it’s encrypted: 1 d0 n07 l1k3 7h15 5h1r7.

Congrats, Rob.

Alright, let me just say, I give props to the person that designed it, for the simple fact that i haven’t designed or submitted a shirt to woot. However, this is one of the bottom 10% that i’ve seen here.

yes i know :slight_smile: i just don’t know what it means is all :stuck_out_tongue: but oh well.

congrats-best shirt in the derby

Would have been a cool shirt if it didn’t have the stupid, “Hidden Message Day!” pasted across the top. Seriously, who thought that made it better? Should have left the hidden message hidden w/o that over the top.

ugh brown… any other color, I would have bought 3

woot got one this will go nicely with my arrgyle

wow if you dont like it you can just shut up the desighn is awsome and you realy cant complain unless you can do better yourself

this takes too much work for a shirt.
but i like it for some reason.

You have just given everyone the right to complain. You know that, right?