High Cholesterol

OOH! Close Encounters of the Breakfast Kind :smiley:


Awh, man…
I’m such a sucker for anything bacon-related!I mean, it’s just so tasty!

Eating this T-shirt is okay though, right? It seems pretty high in fiber.

(Yum, bacon…)

There is no conclusive scientific evidence that shows the causality of fat (of saturated or unsaturated) causing high cholesterol. Also, there is no proof that cholesterol “clogs” arteries - they can only show that cholesterol hangs out near arterial clogs.

Perpetuating false scientific claims, FTW.

ha! nice one. love how what I assumed was a city skyline turns out to tableware.

First there was brave little toaster, which made it impossible to throw any electronic device away because it might have it’s feelings hurt or end up crushed at a junkyard.

Then came Toy Story, making it impossible to ever give away a single toy because it might eventually end up in the trash heep and burned.

Now there’s Walmazan food shirts. I can’t ever eat again because…well…

It’s best we don’t get into that.

Can’t help but think of this:

I love this design so much. And I really want this shirt. But…my wardrobe is just quickly becoming a sea of monochromatic Woot shirts. :confused: What to do, what to do…

It’s ok if vegetarians wear bacon shirts, right? Right?

I love the fact that the cups not only represent buildings, but they are also done with an effective use of negative space.

Do sausages have such problems, too?

Having high cholesterol doesn’t indicate poor health directly. Studies have even shown that women in particular with higher cholesterol live longer than those with lower. (Men have a cap on the height of theirs).

It’s the type of cholesterol that matters. LDL, and vLDL in particular are the kinds that need to be kept in check, as well as triglyceride levels.

Bacon can have questionable elements such as nitrates/nitrites and higher than ideal levels of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, but is superior in every way for optimal health when compared to any grain-based breakfast food.


…as a perk, protein and fat will keep you full much longer than that bagel will.

Thank you.

Well said. Saturated and unsaturated fats can be consumed in excess with no evidence of toxicity to the body.

Mmmmm. Bacon.

I’m am highly amused by the artist’s bio. :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: Between the various shirt sites, I own … ummm, 19 different shirts that Walmazan designed or collaborated on. Yes, most of them involve food.

This is misleading at best, flat out untrue at worst. Atherosclerosis is a deposit of fat and cholesterol in the blood vesels (LDLs to be exact). Consuming high levels of LDL will ‘clog’ your arteries. If you want science to back this up check out a pathology text book or do a lit search about rats on high fat high cholesterol diets.

Eating lots of bacon all the time is bad for you. I also would not go so far as to say bacon is healthier than a bagel. Though oatmeal is a better option than both (the real kind not instant).

Well if you read it on the internet it must be true.

I <3 Bacon. Is it wrong to name my first born child bacon?

You, sir, should read something more than outdated text books based on studies founded by nutrition crusaders starting in the 60’s and 70’s promoting the high-carb, low-fat diets that have this nation in an obesity epidemic.

Grains are neolithic foods that are gut irritants at best and auto-immune-causing agents at worst.

Protein eaten in extreme excess can be toxic, no matter the kind. So can eating polyunsaturated fats, no matter the source.

BACON beats BAGEL. Do some research on gluten and its effects on the body.