High Desert Botanicals Tiki Mixers Kits

High Desert Botanicals Tiki Mixers Kits

Hi, this is Reese and Janel from High Desert Botanicals. We make every kit by hand in Carson City, Nevada, so we know them inside and out. Have a question about the kit, the recipes, or how to throw an awesome tiki party? Ask us anything!

Awesome concept!

Once made, how long can the mixes be refrigerated?

The falernum and pimento dram are made with rum so they’re shelf stable. The cinnamon and vanilla syrups can be refrigerated up to two weeks but they freeze really well too. For a longer shelf life you can also add vodka or grain alcohol to the syrup to bring the ABV up to about 10%.

Great! I’ve made my own orgeat in the past and it was a lot of work for a short shelf life. I never considered adding neutral spirit as preservative.

I’ve inherited my grandfather’s custom tiki bar. He lived in Samoa for a time and constructed it there in the style of the locals. I can’t wait to use your kit and have a genuine tiki bar party!

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What are the mugs made of?

Wow, that’s an awesome inheritance. I bet your parties will be a rousing success! We’re invited right?

Here’s a bonus tiki-ish drink inspired by the Huli Huli Chicken we ate in Maui:

Huli Huli
¼ inch slice of fresh ginger
3 ounces fresh pineapple juice
1½ ounces bourbon
1 teaspoon honey
3-4 dashes of HDB smoky barbecue bitters
Ice cubes

Muddle ginger in a shaker, add remaining ingredients and shake well.
Strain into a hurricane glass filled with crushed ice and garnish with a pineapple ring or a singed pineapple leaf.

To serve it extra fancy, slice the top off a pineapple and use a spiral pineapple cutter to remove the flesh (be careful to avoid cutting through the bottom of the fruit.) Remove the central core with a paring knife and cut a notch in the edge of the top. Fill the pineapple with crushed ice and Huli Huli, then add a bamboo straw and place top back on as a lid.


The mugs are made of glazed ceramic.

Thank you

Now my tiki bar is complete!