High Peak Alpinismo 55 Backpack

Does this match up with Oakley’s Kitchen sink? I am torn between both.

where is the “the north face” gear at? I need some hiking shirts and a new water bottle.

Anyone know the sizes on this thing? What torso lengths will it fit? Thx

I am wondering the same thing. I can’t find the dimensions online.

Smallest Size (Torso Length):


Largest Size (Torso Length):


A lot of the backpacks out there nowadays will fit a typical range of “average” torsos, so if you are on the high end or low end for your gender, most of the packs you’ll see (especially on Woot) might be less comfortable than for the folks well within the design spec.

But yeah, even the High Peak site gives little info, nothing I saw about torso size. Really…makes you wonder how serious High Peak is about quality gear without one of the most important measurements listed on their site…