High Peak Lite Pak 20° Sleeping Bag

**Item: **High Peak Lite Pak 20? Sleeping Bag
Price: $14.99
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Don’t kid yourself. You’re not getting a real 20 degree bag for $20. This is probably a summer bag, good for 60 degree evenings. You use this in 20 deg weather and you’ll die.

Agree with SDMIKE. No way this is a 20 degree bag. No way. Not with less than a pound and a half of PT fill. Also, a 20 degree bag for $15? You will be one cold fool if you expect this to keep you comfortable below 50 degrees, and even that may be optimistic. The claimed rating on this bag is simply bs. GJ, woot.

Maybe it’s 20 Celsius…?

I’d love to find a good 40-50+ bag. Do you guys think this will fit my need? I definitely question the 20 degree rating of this bag… not for the price, and not even for the manufacturer suggested price.

It means you will need to buy 20 of these to stay warm.

Yeah, each entire bag you get into adds 1 degree of warmth.

just what i’m thinking. this could be a good summer bag for the kids…

ugg… sounds like it’s thick and bulky:

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2.0 out of 5 stars NOT COMPACT 3 Aug 2011
By Chris Foz
This sleeping bag is relatively bulky (is not the compact size that I needed) so if you are looking for a sleeping bag to insert into a backpack etc. then don’t try this one.

Since Woot is in Texas, maybe it’s Texas 20 degrees??

You know, that’s when it gets down to 50, but feels so cold to Texans used to 100+ degrees, that it FEELS like 20 to them?? :wink:

I think this will work for me. I mostly use a sleeping bag for crashing on friend’s floors.

Here’s the real deal on the temp rating
Temp comfort: +11 °C
Temp limit: +7 °C
Temp extreme: -6 °C

So comfortable down to 51 F,
Chilly at 44,
And you’re a popscile at 20.

Probably not any good for use in MN this late in the season

I have a couple of High Peak’s 40 degree bags (bought here on Woot a year or so ago). They work well down to about 50 degrees, so I’d guess these will be good down to 40 as others have suggested.

One thing about the bags I have … they are for skinny folk. They work great for my teenage & preteen sons, but getting my 6’1" 220lb. frame in there just leaves me feeling claustrophobic! Obviously, I don’t know whether these fit the same or not.

As for zipping two together … that Woot claimed this was possible as well. I’ve certainly never managed to figure out how, though.

Is this bag machine washable?

Sleeping bag temp ratings are really “You probably won’t die at the rated temperature if you are in the bag and you haven’t flatted out all of the insulation.” In this bag you would maybe be comfortable in the 40-50 degree range. If you were out where it would fall into the 20s you would want to add a wool blanket or two. To be comfortable at 20 degrees get a zero or -10 bag.

Dear Woot,
Please sell a $400 down bag rated for 10 below zero for $20 so these whiney, cheap b@st@rds will buy it and shut up.
Sir Ranulph Fiennes