High Peak Lite Pak 20° Sleeping Bag

Some comments from the Previous Sale
Learn all about high peak and read some testimonials

The stuffed dimensions would’ve been nice.

Here’s the Amazon link- seems like a pretty solid deal compared to the prices over there:


Let’s read some testimonials

Note that the testimonials are for more than just this particular sleeping bag… there are tent and pack reviews in there too.

Let’s learn more about temperature ratings

I’ll see if our buyers can get the stuff dimensions for you.

UPDATE: The buyer just measured it and reports that it’s 7.5" x 18" when not stuffed back in very well.

I would buy this in a minute if I hadn’t already bought a similar bag for about the same price. The objectives are warm, lite in weight, and packs small, and if it somewhat form fits, so what? Turn this into a bag for even colder weather by wearing fleece pants and shirt inside the bag. Or if too warm as is, leave the zipper partly open. I just finished an 11 day camping trip with night temps ranging from 60F to 27F. This bag should be able to do it all.

A Google around for a review found this

Thanks for the info on this.
I wonder if it can be squished down to a smaller outline, via a vacuum bag.

The JPG from Toreno shows a packed size of 6.3"dia by 14.8"long. If you have compression straps, they will probably reduce the 14.8" by a few.

I’m in for 2 to replace the $5 Pokemon sleeping bags I bought from woot for my kids years ago.

I often wonder about this - squishing down with a vac bag is great when you are at home and for the outbound trip. What do you do if you use it en-route on a multi-day hike, or for the homeward bound leg of the journey? Is it worth the space savings to have to pack a vac, or do you just put your lips on it and suck? (har har har.)

As stated in the previous sale, I have a bag very similar to this.

Mine came with a little compression sack (not just a stuff sack) and it compresses down to something that’s about the size of a Foster’s Beer can. (the short wide 25 oz can)

What also nice, is that it can be easily stuffed into cracks and crannies in your pack.

I take narrow bags like this and remove the zippers, cut off the hood, and make sleeping quilts with closed foot-boxes for backpacking. Great way to cut weight. With the very,very low price, I don’t feel bad about hacking up a brand new sleeping bag. This will pack down nicely!

This bag is pretty hard to find much specific info on and I couldn’t find any reviews at all. Here’s a review for a similar bag from the same company. The stats & details sound almost identical.


I ordered the 2-pack of “High Peak Simex Sport Sirius” bags back in 2010 off here and I have to be honest, they weren’t that great.

I got them to take to France for a music festival in the late spring, so temp-wise they were fine. The problem for me was with the craftsmanship.

The fabric was very low quality and the zippers broke on both our bags the first time we used them. Since it was springtime, we just used them as blankets, and they were fine, but it surprised me that they broke so quickly.

Anyway, I wasn’t expecting much for the price, but I probably would spend a little more next time on something built better.

There is absolutely no way the temperature rating on these is accurate. A bag this cheap could not possibly weigh 2 lbs 10 oz and be rated to 20 F. To achieve that weight and rating, you would absolutely have to use very high quality down (at least 850 fill).

Still, it’s $15 for a sleeping bag. I have a couple High Peak bags I ordered from here a few years ago. The temperature rating was wildly inaccurate (40 degrees F, these were probably closer to 60 F) but they were dirt cheap and work sort of OK for summer camping. The lining was uncomfortable though.

Based on the listed specs, I would suspect the actual rating of these bags would be around 50 degrees Fahrenheit, maybe 40.