High Peak Simex Sport Sirius Sleeping Bag - 2 Pack

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New High Peak Simex Sport Sirius Sleeping Bag - 2 Pack, for $19.99 + $5 shipping
2 different products:[list][] 1x High Peak Simex Sport Sirius Sleeping Bag (olive)
] 1x High Peak Simex Sport Sirius Sleeping Bag (black)
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anybody have any experience with these?

I could actually use 2

For a second there, I thought this was a pair of rather ratty-looking slippers.

These sleeping bags look weird. But they get good reviews on Buzzillions.

Anyone wanna go to Yellowstone for july 4th weekend?

If you squint when you look at the picture, it looks like a pair of slightly mismatched slippers.

Illusion elucidation - Now that’s a quality post :slight_smile:

just in time for summer

anyone know if these are any good?

I wonder if woot is trying to tell us that if we keep buying from all these woot-offs and daily woots, we are going to be on the streets, and will need them.

Hmmm - must buy more…

How long are the sleeping bags in feet and inches? it only says centimeters.

so how warm are these actually? northern summers in michigan can still get pretty cold at night, i see the lowest rating is at 21F but that doesn’t really say how warm these are…

If I’m going somewhere super duper cold can I take one and put it in the other for twice the warmth?

Can these be zipped together for those of us who are a bit “fuller-figured?”

Wow. People really sleep outside?

Learn something new every day…

$32 on yahoo for one sleeping bag.

Pretty good deal.

That doll is scary. I don’t want it in my sleeping bag.

I only needed one. Of course, I soon wished I’d gone with the old stand-by of plastic garbage bags and duct tape, since these tended to leak after a while and I had to spend a weekend scrubbing out the back of my white, windowless van.

Still, the price was good; I can’t argue there.

wife says get it! and of course… wife is always right. Got 2.

I want to know if the temperature range is accurate? Summer activities between 20 and 50 degrees fahrenheit???

These have got to be the biggest piece of shit sleeping bags I’ve ever seen. If you don’t give a fuck about suriving your camping trip, by all means these are the sleeping bags for you.

Good timing, woot! Just before good camping season!