High Peak Sirius Sleeping Bag 2-Pack

Buy 'em for the kids to use at sleepovers or when you’re too drunk and need to crash on a buddy’s couch, floor, or even in your car in warm weather (at this price they are disposable and that might be just what you need for the kids, or after a bender) . . . these are great for indoor sleepovers! IMHO, that is about all they’re good for, but for many, that just might fill the bill! These are so far from serious they should be ashamed to appear they are for outdoor use.

anyone know what temperatures these are rated for? I can’t seem to find them through a quick search of their website. Then again I am tired, so I’ll probably find it as soon as I post this…

First line of text from features: “Lightweight sleeping bag designed for climates above 50°.”

These are warm weather bags. Summer weight.

50º or warmer.

50+ unfortunately, definitely risky for camping applications! -
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I say it every time, friends but, I find a mummy sleeping bag rated for 50º quite funny/useless. Thanks for the laughs, Woot.

The thumbnail made me think sport.woot was selling a pair of blue sandals today. A little disappointed it isn’t.

I know that these mummy style sleeping bags have better heat retention because they’re so snug but they freak me out. I feel like I was being restrained in an insane asylum and have had nightmares using them. So when I recently bought a sleeping bag, it was the regular rectangular kind.

At such a warm temperature, there’s no reason to go for a mummy style. Regular sleeping bags are much less restrictive and comfortable, and allows you to protect things in the bag while you sleep.

According to this site, it is rated for 50F, but it can also be used “as a bag liner…[to] add about 30 degrees of warmth to any existing sleeping bag.” Basically, this is so thin that it can be used as a liner.

I got these sleeping bags last week and found two problems. 1. They are very tight. I am 5’8" and 150lbs. but once I get in, there is no room to move and felt too tight to sleep in it. 2. Filling is thin. Total weight of a sleeping bag is only 860gram. It is about 1/3 size of my other sleeping bag next to it. Kids can use them for sleepover, but not for camping.

I depend on the comments and have bought and not bought many items based on them. Thanks everyone for the comments on these. I won’t be getting them.

Thanks!! Thats what I get for reading the description while only half awake

So what happens if I sleep in both of these at the same time? Of course you’d be better off spending the money on a better rated one, but I’m just curious.

Well, I don’t know sleeping bag thermodynamics :slight_smile: but simplistic math would say that if you put one over the other, it would be a 20F sleeping bag (50F-30F liner = 20F). Another Wooter posted above that these are small and too snug. If that’s the case, putting one over the other must be pretty uncomfortable!

I bought a pair of these in a previous woot. I zipped them together to make a double-sized sleeping bag to fit me & my dog. I put an additional fleece blanket inside and it was warm enough for tent camping with 50+degree nights - but the outer fabric is crinkly LOUD. One of the seams started coming apart on the 2nd trip. Probably not tough enough for kids, more like the kind of bag to keep in your car for emergencies. I’m going to get “real” sleeping bags for next year’s camping!

We finally got a chance to use ours a few weekends ago and they were well worth the price. We camped in the mountains behind San Diego and the temperature was in the low 50s at night. They did a wonderful job warming me up as soon as I crawled in and even got too hot for me in the middle of the night. I had to unzip and sleep half in/half out so I wouldn’t melt. However I am a hot sleeper and I had a husband and two dogs in the tent with me.

They are snug, but it felt all womb-y and safe. I don’t know. My husband slept with his unzipped almost all the way down, and then turned it around so just his feet were in the zipped portion and the rest of his body was underneath the unzipped bag like a blanket.

I had some difficulties zipping mine up because the lining kept getting caught in the zipper, but it was easy to correct when I just took my time with it.

We’re not big campers and just needed something that would work for Southern California camping a couple times a year. We’d checked all the stores and even the cheapest Walmart pieces of crap were $25-$30 each and we weren’t ready to spend that on something that would live in storage 99% of its life. These bags are perfect for what we needed them for and I’m glad I bought them and would do it again.

Snagged a set for emergency use in the vehicle. Can’t see much other use for them after reading the posts here.

You too?