High Peak Sirius Sleeping Bag 2-Pack

I bought this two pack a year or two ago. My kids have been using them for sleepovers and we’ve taken them on a trip to mexico and numerous sleepovers at other’s houses.

They have held up great and have worked perfectly and I’m 6’02" and 215lbs.

I love how small they pack down as well.

No complaints from me.

Sleeping bags that are warm weather mummy style are an oxymoron.

I am sorry, but I disagree with you. These bags can infact be used for camping and are great for it.

I am 5’10" and 200 #s and fit fine in this bag. When camping, you aren’t supposed to be able to roll around like you do in your bed.

This bag worked just fine with temperatures dropping into the low 50s.

I guess, if you are a camper that takes an 8 person tent for 2 people to camp, these bags may not be for you. If you are an individual that likes to camp, be outdoors and have fun, these bags will work for you.

These bags are great for hikers and the casual summer camper!

If you want a larger bag, zip the two together, $20 is a great price for this quality bag…get 2 if you want a larger bag.

They are tiny. I couldn’t fit in them.

Fortunately for you, these zip together to form a larger, more powerful bag (ala Voltron)for the comfort you are looking for.

I Wooted a pair of these a while back, and while they’re not great they’re definitely a steal for the price.

We used them last weekend while backpacking at 9800 feet (in September, don’t forget), and we were fairly comfortable, despite a pretty chilly night.

The ways we made it warm were:

  • having insulated sleeping pads (R3.5, I believe)
  • zipping them together and cuddling
  • having a light blanket on top
  • having a dog on top
  • having a good tent

The main con is that they’re flimsy. We’ve taken them out once, and I’ve already had to repair the seams in three places. They’re also pretty cramped, and an awkward shape when zipped together. If you’re as big as me (6’1", 180 pounds), you’ll be snug using one solo and downright uncomfortable with them zipped together.

Bottom line: they’re a sweet deal, especially if you’re only getting them to keep in your car as emergency sleeping accommodations.

I purchased these during a previous Woot and have used them one weekend (indoors). I agree with most of the comments, and four of us found them to be well worth the $$$. I particularly like the small size once packed - they are easy to transport. One small concern I have is the nylon material would be sticky and uncomfortable while summer outdoor camping in sultry Virginia. There are better for an indoor bag or a liner to warm up a winter bag. Definitely worth having around at this price.

TL;DR: Cheap, but works.

I don’t actually have any “cons” because I was realistic about my expectations going in. If you don’t ask too much, you can be pleasantly surprised.

Not wanting to break the bank with a few hundred dollar’s worth of sleping bags, the wife and I used these in conjunction with some other gear to make a rather lightweight, very effective camp bed. We’re both small adults, so we had plenty of room inside once we zipped them together into one mega-bag, put that on a sleeping pad, unzipped an older summer bag and used that as a big blanket over that whole setup. We were toasty warm overnight into a 30F Oregon morning at about 6000 feet. Our bedding was covered in a layer of ice, but we were comfy… until we had to get out.

I’d recommend them, but mostly as a convenient-to-use component of a larger setup. As an only-take-this-bag kind of thing… yeah. Warm nights only, but it’d be great for that since they are so light to carry in their stuff sacks.

As others said, indoors would, of course, be a fine use for them as well.

I purchased this pair of sleeping bags last time Woot was selling them. I used them with my fiance and zipped them together. There was enough room for the both of us to fit comfortably. The material is very soft and it did the job of keeping us warm on a 55 degree night.

Bought these last time and the bag did not last one campout with my 13 year old boy scout. It ripped in a few places and pretty much is not usable. The first time I haven’t been happy with the quality of a product from Woot.

They are designed to be tight. This allows them to pack up small so they are easy to carry for backpacking while still keeping you warm. Since this one is only rated for 50F+, warmth isn’t really the biggest issue.

Two of my brothers use this style of sleeping bag on our trips to Glacier Park. They are 6’2" and 6’4". When they get in them they have to start the process standing up. I don’t think I would like sleeping in one of those, but if we ever do an overnight hike this is what I’ll have to do.

If you’re essentially camping out of your car and have room to pack larger, roomier sleeping bags, you may prefer to go that route.

Do these zip together? Saw a similar deal on Woot a month or so ago and they did…

Purchased and used this summer. Can attest that as the temperature approaches 50 degrees, you’ll want a better bag; but for those summer nights… this is a good substitute for taking a sheet.

Insulation batting moves all over the liner – its not sewn in. Bags are also VERY narrow; my 6.1 frame 215lb body was not comfortable with the bag zipped… especially in the legs. Yes – the bags do zip together, but wasn’t an option during my trip.

I’m still pleased with the purchase for the price… just don’t expect this to be the perfect bag. And I’ll still be taking my full size bag for the fall.

I see that they do. Thanks self for looking into this!

How small can you pack these? For example, if you’re taking a long trip to another country and staying with a friend that doesn’t have a guest bed, would this be packable enough in your luggage? (edit: I am a pretty efficient packer)

Without looking at the bag for a couple weeks and not having it in front of me, I would guess when rolled in it’s pouch, it is maybe 12-14 inches long with 7 or 8 inch diameter. If I remember, I will measure when I get home.

Yup, that’s right ladies 12-14 long with 7-8 diameter.

Hey, is that sleeping bag in your pocket or are you just going camping?

It’s hard to compress these down too much more than the way they arrive in their stuff sacks. Packed down, they’re about the size of a loaf of rye bread, or about half the size of a loaf of cheap sliced white bread. They pack down much smaller than a standard bag. They are definitely snug around your body.

Been using Woot for about two years now, first woot out. I got 2 of these last time around. I’m in middle TN and they are GREAT for our late spring, summer, and early fall. Tried them out 5 times. Feel great to me at 45 and above. I love them and highly suggest them. Great for camping in the smokies during the summer and VERY lightweight.
Also I’m 6 foot tall and 210 pounds. Snug fit, but not too snug. Similar to having a cat sleep on both sides of you in a queen sized bed.

Bought these last time around for the same price.Still a great deal.Buying some this time around for neighbors.Gonna be to cold for these soon.There is always next summer though,unless the Mayans were right.