High Peak Sirius Sleeping Bag 2-Pack



I’ve tried the cocoon type of sleeping bags, and they’re just not my thing.

Simply tucking your head into a standard type of sleeping bag works better for me.



$31.88 for two on Amazon, $19.99 for one, with a 5 star review


I bought these sleeping bags last time they popped up on Woot. For a mild temperature rating sleeping bag, they are just fine. Don’t use these if you are camping in sub 40(F) weather. For those who are wondering, the two bags do zip together to make a tandem single sleeping bag. They is a left and right bag. The zipper extends almost completely down the side. There is a small foot pocket on each side when zipped together…probly 4-6 inches from the bottom.


How many previous woots (I think all $19.99 like now) do you want?

Sept 14?

Aug 29?

Aug 7?

Lots of comments. Question of how much warmth provided.


Key info from Amazon.com over.lords:[list]

  • Designed for climates above 50 degrees [presumably Farenheit]
  • Sleeping bag duo can be zipped together (edit: only if you’re lucky, see below)


We can’t guarantee the zipped together thing because sometimes two lefties or two righties get shipped.


Could you guarantee a lefty and a righty if I told you I was getting them for Mitt and Barack to snuggle up and sort out their differences?


I’m trying to figure out a point in time that you’d wand to use a 50 degree sleeping bag. 90% of my camping, even in the spring, sees temps drop into the low 50’s and upper 40’s.

Also, the rule of thumb is to buy a bag rated 15 degrees colder than the temperature you’re going to be camping in, so I wouldn’t trust this in colder than projected 65 degree weather.

I think a cotton sheet would provide adequate warmth at that point.


We can’t even seem to get two different colors in a random 5 pack. How are we gonna get two different ones in a two pack? But you could order the max of 3 (6 sleeping bags) and see what you get. Donate the rest to a homeless shelter.


Apparently, you need to select a warmer place to go camping.


If you’re going to do “Pfffft”, you really need the sound effect to go with it:

Good night.


My biggest problem with these sleeping bags – and most mummy style ones – is how restrictive and binding they are, especially at the calves. I tend to move when I sleep and any binding would wake me. Unfortunately, there’s no way around it since being tight is the whole point of the mummy style of sleeping bags. It keeps air out between your body and the insulation, much like a Thermos vacuum bottle does.

These bags are also quite thin, and not suitable for very cold nights. On the plus side, if you don’t mind the tightness, these are thin enough to be used as an inner liner inside a regular sleeping bag. In other words, whne it’s uber cold, you can wear on of these inside another bigger looser sleeping bag for double insulation.


…or perhaps just put the first one inside of the second for improved warth and tighter mummification! I see what you’ve done here Woot!


they’re not different, America is just stupid


I used these bags a couple weeks ago for about a 40 degree night, was warm enough for me, not warm enough for my girlfriend. the zipper is a bit weak as it separated, but it was fixable.


hopefully, a homeless shelter in a warm climate.


where do I go to file my complaint that there are never enough photos of the products?

I would love to see close up photos of zippers and such.


Do these Sirius devices include antennas, or do I have to buy them separately? These are obviously mobile versions, but I don’t see anything about power - are these 12v or do they use batteries?

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See, if you get two of these, and wait 'til they have a two-pack of Snuggies on sale, you’re all set. I bought a Snuggie from Woot a year ago and they are fantastic for insulating body heat under a quilt and blankets. I bet they’d work similarly with these.

You totally get over the shame of owning a Snuggie when your gas bill starts creeping down.