High Quality Wound Dressing 10 per Box

High Quality Wound Dressing 10 per Box

What is the expiration date on these bandages?

This is from amazon inventory so we don’t have that info. Amazon is usually pretty good at destroying expired goods though so you should be alright.

If there’s an issue though, reach out to Woot Customer Service.

Don’t waste these on low quality wounds. High quality wounds only.


The ones I received have a date of November 2022. Not sure if that’s a sell by date, or an expiration date, or what.

I suspect most people would be buying these to put in a first aid kit that will hopefully sit unused for years, so a long (far out?) expiration date is more important for us than it might be for, say, a hospital or clinic that goes through them regularly.

But many things have expiration dates that don’t need them. Not sure on these.