High Sierra 34" Drop Bottom Duffel Red/Black

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High Sierra 34" Drop Bottom Duffel Red/Black
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Warning: If you are buying this bag to check on an airline, it is too large to be checked without paying an oversize fee on most airlines. For example, American Airlines allows checked bags no larger than 62 in/158 cm (checked) for domestic and most international destinations ($200 domestic). This is 68". I love the High Sierra Duffels but this one is just too big.

I agree, very, very large.

Correct me if I’m wrong but the item here says 34". You mention 68". Are you talking about the same item here?

It says this is 34 inches long - where are you getting 68 inches from?

I’m interested, was going to order, but what are the actual dimensions???

I don’t understand the 68" either

The airlines measure by width + Length + Height. So. 34+18+16 = 68 American max is 62.

34 x 17.5 x 15.5 = add all dimensions to get to approx 68 as noted - this is how the requirements are set with the airlines (and this is a very big bag)

I had a bag like this. Checked it on many flights no problem (although it was easy to pack it to the point of being overweight).

The problem came from the fact that it would slide inside the plane’s cargo. Enough side-to-side motion and it wore flat spots on the wheels, causing it to vibrate horribly and noisily when rolling. If these wheels are not replaceable like mine weren’t, then that’s a big problem.