High Sierra Badger 40 External Frame Backpack

**Item: **High Sierra Badger 40 External Frame Backpack
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pics, video and two solid reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at ebags.com

Found this on multiple sites when doing a five minute research…

“Junior Fit: Designed specifically to fit children ages 5-13”

So this should be in the new “kids sport” woot that will pop up sooner or later.

i dont see where you got this info. the size stats dont seem to be congruent with your statement.

This is correct. Even Amazon says it’s junior sized. Torso size is 13-17 inches. Definitely junior.

Here’s a sizing guide from REI…This would be considered a Small.

I have been looking for an external frame pack for my 11 year old for boyscouts and this is perfect!! Simple and not $100+ budget buster.


The torso fit for this pack is 13”-17”, that is considered a small or medium. It can be used for small adults or youths.

More info: The buyer pulled the sample out and reports this from the included literature:

High Sierra markets this as Junior Fit. High Sierra markets Junior Fit as “Designed specifically to fit children ages 5-13”. Comparatively, they market Regular Fit models as “fits most body types”.

Here you can see a comparison of High Sierra’s Fit and Torso measurements for each of their external packs:
Badger 40 – Junior Fit – Torso Measurement 13-17 inches (33-43.2 cm)
Foxhound 50 – Regular Fit – Torso Measurement 16-20 inches (40.6-51cm)
Bobcat 65 – Regular Fit – Torso Measurement 16-22 inches (40.6-55.9 cm)

NOTE: The buyer and another gentleman tried it on and while riding slightly high, it fit. Oh, and the buyer describes himself as buyer 5’ 9” tall and 235 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal. :happy:

Hope this helps.

How much Granola can I haul in this thing?

I read that as ‘twisted sex and steel appeal.’

Perfect for turning my 5 and 7 year olds in to pack mules on our next camping trip. Great price!

Or ‘Corrugated steel and sex repellant.’

Bought the product and of course, it is too small - had the ad mentioned ‘Junior’ like the backpack says, I never would have purchased. Now I can’t find an address of the company it came from to send it back. My loss, unfortunately.

Sorry to hear that you might have received the wrong size on your order.
Feel free to email into Woot Member Services at support@woot.com to see if they can help.