High Sierra Bobcat 65 Backpack

**Item: **High Sierra Bobcat 65 Backpack
Price: $39.99
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5/2/2013 - $49.99 - 45 comment(s)

Does anyone know who this would be a good fit for? Men’s standard? Women’s? Youth?

I’ve purchased this when it was available here earlier this summer. I used it for a motorcycle tour of Wisconsin’s state parks. I’m 6 foot even, 210-220 pounds and this bag fits pretty well. I don’t think the specs page does justice to the customizability of the fit. You can move the straps laterally on the bars to accommodate wider shoulders. The frame itself is also extendable, the distance from the bottom of the sack to the hip belt can be changed. When properly adjusted for me it is almost at the maximum extension. Also, I keep it packed with clothes, hammock, sleeping bag (strapped to the bottom), tools, first aid/personal hygiene, food, water, and a stove sufficient that I can up and go camping for 2-3 days at the drop of a hat. It really has done well for me this summer.

Edit: I used it as it was shipped to me once, it made my back hurt pretty bad Turns out it was set for somebody much smaller than me, after adjusting it’s been great.

Here’s a link someone posted for the previous (small) unit:

Based upon this, and info in the spec box that gives a “torso fit range” of 16 - 22 inches and “waist” at 30-inches and up, I’d say this was designed for full-size, relatively tall adults.

$20 more at Amazon (with great reviews, by the way)…and here’s something I’d not seen before…

Notice where it says “Ships from and sold by WOOT:”


It fits large youth and men

Can I wear it without that big metal frame and bottom strap? I just want to get my groceries home.

Order here: http://www.amazon.com/High-Sierra-Company-External-Series/dp/B004QHPQ9I/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1381268232&sr=8-1&keywords=High+Sierra+Bobcat+65+Backpack

The blue backpack is $39.99 with free shipping (sold by Woot). So it’s actually cheaper than getting it from here.

Here’s a 50L for $49.99 from Woot via Amazon:

Thanks for finding that! The difference in shipping was just enough to push me into getting this.

You can buy a whole bunch of stuff from woot via amazon actually: