High Sierra Crunk Trunk Cross-Sport Duffel

I’ve always been pleased with High Sierra products and bought one of these for a camping trip last week.

-The bag is spacious, especially if you unzip to use the bottom compartment combined.
-The shoulder strap was comfortable and easy to use once secured.
-It had just the right number of pockets in my opinion.
-I like how you can leave the lower compartment zipped and separate. I planned (and did) use the lower compartment for my dirty clothes while keeping separate from everything else. I will say keeping it zipped though does make the base of the bag a little awkward when you have nothing in that lower compartment as it doesn’t fold in nicely, but that seem a minor issue to me.
-I know High Sierra never seems to label their gear as water-retardant, but it does seem to do a better job than other gear I get. Example: My tent failed big time when rain came while camping last week, and thanks to this bag I woke up and still had a few items of dry clothing… though they are right not to call it waterproof as that would be an exaggeration.
Honestly, High Sierra is kind of my go-to bag company for now.