High Sierra External Frame Backpacks

Let’s watch a video on the Foxhound [youtube=BPac8Ug1EcU][/youtube]

Wooters & Lurkers, declare yourselves!

Explain the benefits of external frame packs, how you size them, etc.

  1. more ‘natural’ center of gravity.
  2. best for summer - space between bag and body.
  3. the young people seem to think that it is a cool retro-look.

I prefer E/F packs for cross-country dessert trips where much water is carried; and use my other bags for mountain and/or winter trips.

So, not what I’d want if I want to strap ski gear for Tuckerman’s Ravine on it?

I bought the Badger earlier this year not realizing right away that it was more for kids… oops. Luckily, it fit (I’m 5’5", 120lbs, and the pack is adjustable to accommodate height).
I took it for a spin into the Black Canyon of the Gunnison with no problems. Any discomfort I had was due to me not preparing enough physically for such a hike! I like lots of pockets so I’m thinking about purchasing the adult model for a bit of extra space. Definitely worth the price.

I bought the Bobcat which is the 65 liter version of this pack and hiked it to Supai, AZ – the most remote town in America. It held up great and was very comfortable once I figured out how all the fittings worked. If you haven’t used an external frame before, I really recommend taking it completely apart and reassembling it when it arrives. It’s not the kind of thing you can just throw on and adjust on the fly like an internal frame.

For the price you can not find a better pack. To get an equivalent internal frame you’d be spending $150+

Does anyone know the specific dimensions of these bags? I’m trying to figure out if they would fit carry-on dimensions for planes (about 22" x 14" x 9").

The ebags website gives the dimensions of the Foxhound at 21" x 17.5" x 7.5"

So would it be too wide?

Yeah, looks too wide…Bummer

Thanks for the help though!

Technically it’s too wide but when you pack it, are you gonna fill it to it’s max capacity? I’m sure you can push in the pockets by 1.5 inches on each side to make it appear wide enough for an airplane.

That’s true. Although Im also worried about the height. It looks like the frame extends several inches above the 21" height of the bag, which would put it past the height limit.

I’m not familiar with these kinds of packs, so someone correct me if Im wrong, but I believe the actual frame itself cannot be adjusted

I just measured the Foxhound that I got off of here a few months ago. The frame itself is 29 inches and cannot be adjusted. Just looking at it, there is no chance you could get this on as a carry-on.

That being said, despite being a bit heavy and old-school looking, it is a decent pack, and a fantastic one for this price.

Been waiting for these to come back up. I missed them the last time… Hurray!!!

Thanks for confirming!